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Come September with spring in the air, Australia puts on a multihued and dazzling coat of colours. Yes, it is the many flower festivals that dot every State in the country that makes this period so special for Australians. For 3 months beginning September, Australians have a lot to cheer about. Whether it is Victoria or Perth, Queensland or NSW, there is a lot to look forward to in terms of wholesome family entertainment at the flower shows and carnivals.

For our team of bloggers and researchers at, Australian flower festivals are our passion. On our site you will find blogs that showcase the various floral carnivals in the country as well as insights of the various events that take place simultaneously. Hence our readers will know what to expect when they pay a visit to one or more of these festivals.

A few examples will help highlight the true mission of our blog site. For instance, every September the town of Silvan, Victoria lights up with a staggering million brightly coloured tulips of over 150 varieties. It almost makes a visit to the Netherlands to witness their famed tulips redundant. This information is just half of the picture. If you plan to visit this festival and if you browse our blog site, you will get a deep insight into this carnival. We will tell you what you can expect, the different themed weeks, market stalls, live entertainment and cuisine from all over the world.

Similarly our blogs focus on all other flower festivals in Australia too.

We also request those who have been to spring flower festivals in the country to write in to us giving their first hand experiences – generally in a review form of the events. This we are sure will immensely benefit visitors to our site.

Blogs by guest writers should be original and unpublished. We will inform by mail once they are posted on our site.